Putting Rdbhost.com behind your App



In web apps, business logic is moving to the client, and MVC frameworks can help manage the added client application complexity.

Front end developers are still reliant on custom server coding for some aspects of application programs, though, including shared database interaction.

Rdbhost provides server functionality, with an API that lets you securely write database queries in your client application. You can debug your database interface code using the top-quality in-browser debugging tools.

The TodoMVC project was designed to help front-end devs choose between the many available MVC frameworks. We are putting it to service here in demonstrating how the Rdbhost service can provide databases and other backend services to your app, with no server side customization required.

Four fairly popular MVC frameworks are represented here so far, and a few more will be added. The database code tends to be simple example-style coding, without the complexities of user authentication, for example.